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Hunter Nights is a three-part film written, directed and produced by Pierre Pascual. 

Scenario & adaptation: Pierre Pascual & Thierry Chollet-Berger

(from the novel “Rose Turningham”, Éditions Le Sélénite, 2016)

Director of photography: Stanislas Cadéo

assisted by Pierre Hilpert 

Sound: Pierre Lemaire & Pauline Anglada

Editing: Pïerre Pascual 

Sound creation: Pierre Pascual

Sound post-production: Gerardo Mora-Vera

Color grading and special effects: Lucien Oudin

Original score: Daniel Kurniczak 

Produced by Pierre Pascual

Feature  - fiction - 1.66 - couleur - 2024 - France

Part 1: 1h07          Part 2: 1h08         Part 3: 1h12

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Garance Green, an adrift visual artist, no longer knows how to bring to life the work of his dreams, a reinvention of the film “Rose Turningham” on which his two mothers, both actresses, worked when he was a child. 

Locked in his secret observatory, he recycles the images of the world that he has accumulated, while giving life to monstrous avatars…

But who is “Hunter” this mysterious man who roams the forest with his noise-cancelling headphones...


A cineplastic tryptich about the "Machine-World"

h “Hunter Nights” questions the place of creative machines in today's world, focusing on the solitude and paralysis of the creator who works with their machines connected to the world, inexhaustible sources of images and archives.

How can we avoid paralysis when we no longer know who creates, human being or machine?

All three parts of "Hunter Nights" are available for screening.

Part 1 can be watched alone, independently of parts 2 and 3.

(Part 1: 1h07 / Part 2: 1h08 / Part 3: 1h12)


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