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Filmed in July 2017 in the Périgord Noir, on the land of the writer and visual artist François Augiéras, Hunter Nights is a tribute to poets and alchemists of the secret.

The writing of the film in 2016, in situ, was nourished by rivers, forests, and the lives of hermits and their books, “Rose Turningham” written simultaneously by Pierre Pascual, but also the work of Augiéras, notably “La Chasse Fantastique” (Fantastic Hunting) written jointly with Paul Placet, his lifelong accomplice.

The letters exchanged between Pierre Pascual and Paul Placet in 2015 and 2016 were decisive in the choice to incorporate voice-overs taken from “La Chasse Fantastique”. Paul Placet read the entirety for the film then lent the team some personal effects belonging to his famous friend.

For her part, Béatrice Arnac, another poetess from Périgord Noir, recorded the voice-overs from 'Rose Turningham'.

Béatrice Arnac left us in 2020. Paul Placet left us in 2023. Their voices still resonate..

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In July 2018, filming continued in Paris, with Marie-France Garcia and Jean-Luc Verna invited to a private mansion decorated by Michel Baudrat, a museum of memory filled with photos and works of art, populated by the shadows of creatures invoked by the past, like that of the artist Pierre Molinier.

Filming ended at the end of April 2019 in a location from which Pierre Pascual was inspired to write part of the book "Rose Turningham", Camille Flammarion's famous observatory in Juvisy sur Orge. These days were illuminated by Miss Botero & Gabin Sabatier. The child, the muse and the stars. The book is closed

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For the purposes of filming, Pierre Pascual created the plastic works of his visual artist character, G. Green: artisanal avatars; morphing paintings; video tombs... even going so far as to write and publish "Rose Turningham", the book which appears in the story.

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3 things to know...



Hunter Nights is the latest film from Béatrice Arnac (La traversé de Paris; Frou Frou, 0SS 17 is not dead...) Béatrice left us in 2020. The film is dedicated to her.


Pierre Pascual presents his film as a cineplastic triptych. The terms cineplast and cineplastic were conceptualized by Elie Faure 100 years ago in “De la Cinéplastique” (1922). They refer to the idea of an artisanal cinema which flirts between cinema and the visual arts, through its technique, commitment of an artist-director and sometimes even its subject. 


The sound is one of the main characters of Hunter Nights. Pierre Pascual, musician, produced in Paris, in 2009 and 2010,  30 sound portraits for the 25th anniversary of the AIDES association. Among the personalities he met and portrayed: Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Michael Grégorio, Daphné Burki, Josiane Balasko, Ovidie, Lady Gaga...

He took back Les Portraits Sonores in Morocco in 2022, in the form of a podcast.

he created the sound for the film as well as part of the music.

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