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On the set of Hunter Nights
(July 2017)

Pierre Pascual

Author, director, actor, musician

"I wanted to make a film like writing a book, to put an end to the tyranny of the society of the spectacle, with the obligation of publicity, of visibility, of “reality”, find the secret and artisanal creation that I have always loved. 

After ten years of being an Internet artist multi-exposed, become virtual at its expense, often caricatured, I unplugged my machines and left. I discovered rivers and forests. I have ropened books. I found humans I loved. I wrote. I filmed.

The making of Hunter Nights reconciled me with the creator that I was, with his body, his limits, his madness. 

As human beings are paradoxical, it is on their machines that I now imagine my fellow human beings when they discover this film-book, this film-life and, despite the 6 years that its production required, I do not feel no need to share what is now finished, except to thank those who participated, and more particularly Thierry Chollet-Berger, my lifelong accomplice, without whom none of this could have existed. 

Hunter Nights is perhaps a psychomagical act of self-realization, shared out of love, out of friendship. 

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About the director

Pierre Pascual is a French multidisciplinary artist and editor who lives and works in Morocco.

He studied Dramatic Art at the National Regional Conservatory of Bordeaux as well as screenwriting and film direction at the University of Bordeaux 3.

Since a young age, Pierre has been writing, composing songs and making videos; Since his adolescence, he has accumulated numerous sounds and images which he uses in works where he mixes present and past. This work, fueled by his grandfather's super-8 archives, was shared between 2006 and 2014 during exhibitions or concerts combining music and performances, notably the works "Teenage love", "Ooh yeah (the story of Pierre Pascual)” or “Visage impassible”.  

While deepening his plastic experiments, notably around the first "Sound Portraits" created in Paris in 2010, Pierre Pascual led a musical career as a singer, composer and producer for the projects Cartel Couture (2005/2007) Chose Chaton (2006/2010) before resuming his real name for the single "Sous les sycomores" then the album "Premier Amour" in 2012, a tribute to the queer and creative child confined in his room that we see appear in the videos and on the ring of the dreamed pop icon, on the cover of the album.

The “Premier Amour” era was punctuated by numerous video clips that Pierre directed, notably “Deneuve Danse” (2012) and “Secrets” (2013) which laid the beginnings of a desire for cinema. 

After a break rich in writing, Pierre decides to make his first film, the story of a visual artist lost between dream and reality, family archives and desire for fiction. Hunter Nights, carried by the book Rose Turningham published the same year in a limited edition for the needs of the film, will be shot between 2017 and 2019, based on a screenplay co-signed by Thierry Chollet-Berger. 

After a pause forced by the Covid era (which will see the confinement of Pierre Pascual in Morocco) Hunter Nights will be entirely reassembled in 2021, giving birth to the film in three parts, then post-produced from November 2021 until September 2023 .


Pierre Pascual is currently writing and developing his second film. 

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Thierry, Pierre, Pauline and Stanislas (Paris, July 2018) © Mick Bulle

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